The Western Pacific Caboose List

Where there are images available, links have been provided. If you have a photo of a captive WP caboose that I can use, please let me know.

Cabeese that were once owned by WP but later operated by SN are shown in this table under their SN number.

This list was compiled by Roger Kirkpatrick, the net's guru of surviving cabeese. Any additions should be sent to me with a CC: to Roger.

S. Roger Kirkpatrick, 927 Colegate Drive, Marietta, OH 45750-1504, 740-374-6732, fax: 740-376-4777. Email:

A note on some of the images: The links for cabooses in the Portola RR Museum collection are displayed on two sites, Frank Brehm's, indicated by a (B), and Sam Herschbien's, indicated by an (H).
WP ??? Redwood Valley CA Skip Gibbs Railcar
WP ??? Pocatello ID Steel, bay window, no trucks; farm shed, off a back road south of town. (Photo from Track3 of Jolly Goodfellow's Utah Depot site)
WP ??? Waterloo CA Wood, outside braced, cupola; next to a bar (photo courtesy of Central California Rails)
WP 428(H)
Portola CA ICC, blt 11/55 as WP36102; Portola Railroad Museum
WP 429 Healdton OK Now a unit in a Bed and Breakfast
WP 431 Muskogee OK Steel, West Taft Road
WP 437 Elko NV Across from Police Station, with WP 727 GP7 diesel engine
WP 445 Rancho Cordova CA Owned by the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers
WP 446 Westwood CA Gift Shop, FOR SALE?
WP 447 Lodi CA Doug Peterson, 19170 North Bay Road
WP 449 Carson City NV ICC, blt 1/56; UP paint scheme; Nevada State Railroad Museum (F.R.Radecki photo); NSRM's 449 web page
WP 451 Monroe LA Steel, bay window; near Airport
WP 456 Cherokee CA LOCATION?
WP 457 Maxwell CA Steel, bay window, no markings; Olney Land & Cattle Company
WP 463 Quincy CA UP paint scheme, Siebers Mini Storage, 150 Mill Creek Road
WP 465 Rocklin CA Steel, bay window. In the "back yard" of a mini-shipping square consisting of railroad cars (note the WP boxcar behind the caboose). Thanks to Bob Milloy for the photo and info.
WP 467 Fremont CA Niles Depot Museum, 36997 Mission Boulevard, 510-797-4449 (photo courtesy of Central California Rails)
WP 477(B) Redwood Valley CA Steel, bay window.
WP 483 Rio Vista Jct. CA Western Railway Museum, Solano County
WP 484(H) (B) Portola CA ICC, blt 4/80; Portola Railroad Museum
WP 486 Roseville CA Asphalt Cement Company, 9801 Del Road
WP 614(B) Portola CA Wood, outside-braced, Cupola; Portola Railroad Museum
WP 619 (2) Little River CA ex-WP 403, Gift Shop
WP 641 Monterey CA Wood, outside braced; Cannery Row, used as a gift shop (photo courtesy of Central California Rails)
WP 645 Portola CA Wood, bay window; Norman Holmes, Aspen Drive
WP 646 San Francisco CA Mason Street
WP 649 Salinas CA Sam Jenkinson, LOCATION?
WP 657 Incline Village NV Wood, outside braced, Ponderosa Ranch, 89451, Rt 28
WP 658 Benicia CA Wood, bay window, outside braced
WP 664 Carmichael CA Wood, bay window, Radecki, owner, 5501 Linda Ln
WP 668 San Francisco CA Wood, bay window; Golden Gate Railroad Museum
WP 670 Jamestown CA Sierra Railway?
WP 675 Los Altos CA Southern Pacific Depot, 1st & Main. Now a part of an antique store.
WP 676 Truckee CA Wood, bay window, Southern Pacific Depot
WP 678 Jamestown CA Wood, bay window; Sierra Railway
WP 679 Portola CA Wood, bay window; City Park
WP 680 Virginia City NV as V&T 51, wood, bay window; Virginia & Truckee Railroad
WP 695 Jamestown CA Sierra Railway
WP 697 Greenville CA Ross Posch, 5461 North Valley Road
WP 6?? Portola CA Dave Lake, Hwy 70
WP 6?? Waterford CA Wood, outside braced, cupola; Big Bear RV Park
WP 741 Rio Vista Jct. CA as CCT 19, H&B blt. 1910, Western Railway Museum.
WP 754
Los Angeles CA Wood, H&B, blt 1910; Travel Town Museum, Griffith Park.
WP 770 Wadsworth NV Private, LOCATION?
WP 779 Quincy CA Siebers Mini Storage, 150 Mill Creek Road
WP 1913 Tilton NH Freight House. This is not a real WP caboose, but is painted up as one.
WP 2711 Boulder City NV MOW, ex-799; Built from boxcar, Nevada State Railroad Museum
SN ??? Clarksburg CA Wood, floor & trucks only; Silverbend Tree Farm
SN ??? Jamestown, CA Wood, bay window. At Railtown 1897.
SN ??? Coyote CA South of San Jose. Was there about 8 years ago, had been for sale. Possibly scrapped. Any info?
SN 1611 Camino? CA Camino Cable & Northern, GONE TO?
SN 1632 Portola CA ex-WP 617, Portola Railroad Museum (photo courtesy of Central California Rails) Other photos: D. Dean #1, D. Dean #2
SN 1634 Portland OR ex-WP 627, wood, cupola; ex-Victoria Station Restaurant
SN 1639 Moss Landing CA ex-WP 618; wood, cupola; Moss Landing Road. Reports are that this one has been moved. Can anyone confirm?
SN 1641 Napa CA ex-WP 698; wood bay window; Napa Valley Wine Train
SN 1642 San Francisco CA ex-WP 648; wood, bay window; Golden Gate Railroad Museum
SN 1644 Virginia City NV ex-WP 666; Virginia & Truckee Railroad
TS ??? Santa Cruz CA Supposedly part of restaurant ex-SP depot. A recent fire completely destroyed this caboose. Both the caboose and the depot are now gone.
TS 307 Oakland CA Wood, outside braced, cupola; Corner of 5th Street and Embarcadero. Behind fence but can be seen from street.
TS 308 Modesto CA Wood, O.B., cupola, ex-boxcar 15458, ex-WP 623, to TS 6/58. Sold in 1959 and used as a Coffee House. Sold in 1965 to TS Section Foreman Loyd Flinders, and an article on it appeared in WP's Mileposts. On its status today, Ryan Barber writes: "Owned by Thomas Rettig, co-owner of Rettig Bros. Machine Shop in Modesto. It is located on his home property in the country outside of Modesto. Interior has been converted to a guest room and the exterior painted a bright red but with accurate yellow lettering."

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