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4/7/99 -- A hot food cover image has been added to the Diner page.

4/1/99 -- A wonderful Meridale oval platter has been added to the Diner page.

3/27/99 -- More additions to the caboose page...photos of my parent's caboose, 664, and an interesting article on TS 308.

3/3/99 -- Images of caboose 754 at Travel Town are now up on the Caboose page, as are several other updates. Eugene Vicknair reports "went by there two weeks ago and there is nothing left, either of the depot or the caboose. I also heard from a firefighter who worked the fire. He stated the caboose was ashes by the end." How sad....

2/27/99 -- An image of a very rare Keddie pattern bowl has been added to the Diner page, and new photos of WP #26 at Travel Town and a pic of KCS 4766 have been added to the Loco List in the Ghosts section.

1/7/99 -- Happy New Year! Two new images, a soup bowl and saucer, and a very rare covered casserole dish, have been added to the Diner section.

12/29/98 -- There are new photos of WP 334 and Conrail 2039 (ex-WP 2261) on the Surviving Locomotives page, and a new salad plate and a water glass in the Diner.

12/20/98 -- There's a new section in the Ghosts department, tracking the surviving WP locomotives (the caboose list has been updated, too). A few steamers have made it to the end of the 20th Century, and surprisingly there's at least 138 diesels still out there, some in museums, some derelict, but a good number still running the rails. Please take a moment and look over the list...I've tried to get as up-to-the-minute info on the survivors as possible, but I'm sure I didn't get everything right. If you see and errors, or know of info that I haven't included, please let me know. And, I'm looking for photos of those units that I don't have any of. Some of the things still to be resolved:

11/30/98 -- In the postcard section, I've added a couple of photos I recently took of the SLC depot from the same angles shown in the old postcards. Also, the north end of the depot is now occupied by the Rio Grande Cafe, a neat restaurant that's maintained the decor of the 1940s lunch counter (I eat there every time I visit SLC), and they now have issued an advertising postcard, which is now included on the page.

11/23/98 -- Added a cup-and-saucer, a rare gravy boat, and a 1946 special train menu to the diner.

9/5/98 -- Added a bowl and an ad to the dining car page. On the Timetables page, I added several scans of the 1939 Milepost Memorandum that had been left out of the last update, the very first (if rather dull) CZ timetable that WP issued, and a tale of the WP's most embarrassing timetable, courtesy of Miles Post.

9/2/98 -- Additional links to caboose images on the Caboose page (thanks to David Epling for the links) and some additional caboose info, including two rumored TS cabooses, courtesy of Eugene Vicknair. Any one have any more info on these hacks?

8/22/98 -- A new Feather River pattern saucer in the Diner, an Exposition Flyer postcard in the Postcard section, and a couple of new timetables, plus interior views of timetables that I had just the covers on. Many of the timetables are also seen on the CZ site, but for completeness I'm including them here.

8/19/98 -- Updated the caboose list with links and thumbnails.

8/17/98 -- Ghosts, a new section documenting the remaining pieces of WP equipment around the country, has been added. This is currently under construction, and there's a lot of work to be done. In the meantime, Roger Kirkpatrick's Captive Cabeese list is up. Also, a link to the new WP email list has been added to the Links page. If you're not on the email list, please consider joining, as there's terrific info, and your input is welcomed.

7/10/98 -- Added two new images of Feather River Route china in the Diner, and fixed Sam Herschbein's link.

6/25/98 -- Added the backlog of postcard images...23 new ones! Enjoy...

6/16/98 -- Rewrote the Annual Reports page, with many new images from around the WP system, as well as highlights for the years covered. There are years missing, and if you have copies of the Annuals for these years, I'd be interested in discussing with you how to get that info onto the page.

6/11/98 -- Added a section for literature and advertisements. Currently three magazine ads are displayed.

6/7/98 -- After 868 visitors to the Museum while on the AOL server, we've moved to the Railfan.net server. AOL has severe space restrictions and difficult-to-use FTP procedures, so the museum was a bit stymied. Railfan.net's wonderful program has breathed new life into this project, so here we are. Phase I, moving everything over, resetting all the links and adding thumbnails is done. There a bit of new material, too, especially in the Diner. All new material is designated by a small WP logo, like this: . Phase II will be to start adding all the backlog of material I have, so stay tuned!

11/11/97 -- Added a "Dining Car" section, and a really rare WP bowl, courtesy of the folks at Track 16 Railroad China.

10/29/97 -- My...where did the months go? "Real soon" certainly wasn't! Anyway, the Annual Reports page is now up and active. With any luck, other updates to this page will happen real soon, too.

5/20/97 -- A number of postcards have been added, including a remarkable one from 1909 showing some of the construction in Elko Nevada. More are coming, and the annual report page should be ready real soon...

4/14/97 -- The Museum is finally ready and on line. There is much more to come, but this is a start. Coming up in the near future: A feature highlighting WP's annual reports, and a news clippings of wrecks from the past. Stay tuned!

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