Western Pacific Annual Reports

1947 -- Up to this point, WP's Annual Reports were, well, boring. Plain grey covers, no pictures inside, nothing but the bare essentials. Then, in 1947, the first of the new CZ equipment arrived, and with it a new era in the Annuals. The 1947 edition still had the plain grey cover, but for the first time it included a photograph inside. The caption for this shot is: "The first of the California Zephyr Diesel locomotives arrived in Oakland July 10, 1947, bringing in the Exposition Flyer. The sides are of gleaming stainless steel with the front end and side color bands painted brilliant orange." (From the collection of the Northwestern University Transportation Library)

1949 -- With the inauguration of the California Zephyr service, the WP's annuals suddenly become colorful. This artwork was done for Standard Oil to commemorate the inauguration of the Zephyr. (From the collection of the Northwestern University Transportation Library)

1950 -- A colorized black-and-white photograph of a scene of "Two freights passing under CTC at Keddie, Calif." A careful look will reveal a discrepancy with the General Motors/EMC model FT locomotives....by the small black strip crossing the nose, these are painted in the all-orange "Pumpkin I" scheme...however, the touch-up artist painted these in the later silver-and-orange stripe scheme! (From the collection of the Northwestern University Transportation Library)

1956 -- The classic WP promotional photo of the California Zephyr crossing the Clio Viaduct in winter. No caption or photographer info provided.

1957 -- The Western Pacific Train Ferry Las Plumas made its debut in '57, and fittingly graced the cover of this year's Annual. No caption or photo credit were given for the cover shot.

1958 -- Cover depicts the Yardmaster's Tower, Stockton CA, which was built that year. No caption or photo credit were given.

1959 -- Cover: "The Truck Route That Isn't On Your Road Map", photo by Lionel Bridge.

1960 -- The California Zephyr skirts the Feather River. (From the collection of the Northwestern University Transportation Library)

1961 -- Cover caption from the report: "The Golden Gate Merchandiser, a Western Pacific "red ball" freight with various commodities for eastern markets, swings through Redmond Cut in Altamont Pass. Photo by Lee Sherwood."

1962 --"The picturesque North Fork Bridge, believed to be the longest railroad reinforced concrete arch structure in the United States, is pictured on the front cover of this year's Report. The bridge spans the North Fork of the Feather River at Intake (Milepost 232.51), the most northerly end of Western Pacific's recently relocated main line to replace the railroad's former main line which will be inundated by the future Oroville Dam reservoir. Photo by Lionel Bridge." Unfortunately, there are no other photos of note in this year's Annual.

1963 Beginning with this Annual, the style changed to a more graphic look, using fancier papers and a more "modern" style. Photos become ornamentation rather than a part of the documentation. The color covers are missed....

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